F.A.Q.S.  What does F.A.Q.S mean? What does it stand for and who does It represent?
The acronym itself “F.A.Q.S.” means Forming A Quality Style. F.A.Q.S as a brand, strives to capture the Innovativeness, Creativity, Independence, and Self Love, often associated with the generation of Millennials. Through its vast variation yet stylish designs, F.A.Q.S. portrays the hybridization of Urban and Modern culture.
F.A.Q.S was Founded in 2012 by C.E.O. Weyon R. Dormer. He had a vision of bringing high quality, stylish, and interesting styles of fashion to people at a more affordable rate. F.A.Q.S was created to be an opposition against the over priced expensive fashion industry, that often exploits its consumers, putting more value in their sales and their business.
Weyon Grew up in Bronx, New York where fashion, style, and music, are all deeply embedded in its history. To Weyon, fashion in particular played an influential role in how one would dress and be perceived by others. To be able to afford the ever-changing fashion trends, Weyon had to work hard just to save enough money to attempt to stay current with the expensive New York Fashion trends. Eventually, He noticed that spending top dime for clothing that would only be “in-style” for a short period of time was a waste. After trends fizzle-out, the clothing would sit in the back of a closet never to see the light of day again. One day he decided he had enough and would no longer support brands that could careless about their consumers. Instead he would start his own.
Behold, the birth of F.A.Q.S. Weyon created a clothing line that embodied style and represented the principles he believed in. The F.A.Q.S logo is made up of 4 main colors that each have their own meaning. Red signifies the blood and sweat we the people put into our beliefs and dreams. Yellow signifies the ever fluorescent Sun Light, that inspires us to shine bright in dull times. Green signifies the earth, nature and spiritual growth. Last but not least Blue signifies The Sky, we often look to the sky for hope and prosperity, and all the while becoming fixated in its abundance and beauty. F.A.Q.S is a brand of family, love, inspiration, truth, and overall unity.